Slick Digital Platform
for ECE Providers and Families​

A unique design that facilitates real time collaboration among all caregivers to effortlessly achieve great outcomes.

Bablr Digital Platform is the first of its kind to have been launched anywhere in the world. Bablr has a radical new education system design that has been conceived keeping child at the center of early learning.

The time to offer the right cognitive-developmental inputs starts on the day of birth of a child, sometimes even before. Little children need a learning ecosystem all around them that is full of love and care and offers rich language, logic, sensory and all other kinds of inputs to maximise the developmental opportunity.  But childcare centers, preschools, nurseries, parents and families face many challenges in facilitating this much needed learning flow.  So even if they are aware and are willing, they struggle and more often than not are not able to take the full benefit of the opportunity.  

How does one solve this problem?  

With thoughtful design and technology!

Experience it to believe how bit by bit, the revolutionary design of the Bablr digital platform makes it seamless and effortless for all caregivers to collaborate with each other and provide the right ecosystem to our little ones. 

Bablr is an integrated platform that all caregivers can access from anywhere, any time. Bablr suite of apps includes :

  • Mobile Apps for Android & iOS
  • Tablet Apps for Android & iOS
  • Web App

Innovative digital design of Bablr ensures that all caregivers including care-workers and grandparents can deliver professional grade outcomes with the help of easy-to-use interface tools. Parents also frequently use their television sets to access Bablr content. Childcare centers and nurseries sometimes use large monitors. 

While designing the Bablr platform, we worked closely with educators, childcare professionals and new parents to understand their environment. This has ensured that the platform is not just user friendly but it is also so exciting that all caregivers and children look forward to their Bablr sessions every day. The Bablr Digital Platform forms the core of the Bablr Programme. Parents, families or nurseries who choose to enroll in Digital-Only Programmes are able to take advantage of most of the Bablr Curriculum. Try it. You and your children are guaranteed to be hooked and for the right reasons!