Ecosystem of Collaboration & Support

It takes a village to raise a child. Bablr ecosystem is designed to bring everyone in the village together to contribute their bit. 

We have incorporated thoughtful features and processes in Bablr solution that provide for seamless collaboration among various stakeholders in different scenarios. 

We also travel all the way with you in this visionary journey with the little ones. We have built an elaborate support mechanism for you. We would like to make sure that you have everything you need to achieve the amazing that you are set out to. 

Depending on your country or location, you may have options to connect with the early-year experts of Bablr, either in one on one sessions or via other channels such as free masterclasses, events etc. On the Bablr platform, you have several Tutorial videos for parents that help in setting up and carrying out Bablr Sessions.

Depending on your country and package or subscription, parents and families may be able to attend a Free Counselling.

Parents also have access to Early Parenting Academy with multiple relevant courses. Finally, we are a phone call away with our 10×7 Helpline. You and us will be a family.

Availability of support services will vary depending on the programme you enroll into. 

Us Together

Bablr Support for Parents and Families*

Personalised Set Up Support

One on One Orientation Sessions

Live Parenting Sessions

10x7 Helpline

Access to Early Parenting Academy (online courses on multiple topics)

Bablr Parent Cohorts (Coming soon)

* Availability of the above support services varies according to the user location and plan purchased. 

(We offer tailor made support packages to ECE Providers & other B2B Customers. These are designed based on their specific needs.)