Collaborate with families. Deliver real outcomes.

Bablr is a powerful solution for Early Care & Education (ECE) Providers including branded chains, childcare networks, preschools, nurseries, family childcares, childcare professionals, childminders, nannies and social childcare and early learning initiatives 

Bablr platform makes it super easy for all providers to stay focused on each child irrespective of the disparities and disruptions that challenge us today. Bablr is designed for scale and offers distinct benefits :  

Uninterrupted Delivery  

Considerations of parents and families have changed in the post pandemic world. Bablr platform allows providers to deliver uninterrupted value to families using flexible methods.  Bablr’s seamless flow, smart tools and rich content present an opportunity to leverage digital technologies for better experience and outcomes for everyone.  

Better Finances  

Bablr allows providers to do more for less. It empowers childcare professionals and early educators to work more efficiently thereby saving costs. It is seen as a value add by families especially new parents and opens up new revenue opportunities.  

Happy Families 

Bablr delivers tangible developmental outcomes and supports parents and families with critical knowhow that they use effortlessly. This in turn drives loyalty and consistency among them. Positive word-of-mouth is a single largest driver of success and growth for early childhood and parenting services. Bablr helps achieve just that.   

ECE providers use Bablr to facilitate learning journeys of children in the first three years in collaboration with parents and families. Bablr platform provides for both individual as well as cohort based learning journeys. Bablr process ensures that each child gets personal attention while parents and families are fully involved and engaged. We have built a powerful innovation that seamlessly becomes yours. Bablr solution includes :


1. White Label Digital Platform

Includes international curriculum, rich content, proprietary algorithm and powerful interface tools that empower childcare professionals & educators to effortlessly deliver quality outcomes. Bablr platform has an option on integrate with Nursery Management Systems.


2. Early Parenting Content

Online early parenting courses and other early parenting content such as blogs & masterclasses are available as part of the solutions. Parents and families appreciate this help coming from ECE providers. It is a much needed value addition.


3. Live Classes*

Bablr comes with an option of live online early parenting classes by global experts. We make these available in partnership with our ECE provider clients.

4. Add-on Play Materials*

Age relevant play material boxes for use at schools and childcare centers or for home-use by parents are available on demand with Bablr platform. All these materials are thoughtfully curated and they meaningfully complement other early development activities in the Bablr curriculum.


5. User Training

Online live user training for childcare provider staff, childcare professionals & early childhood educators are also available as part of Bablr solution.

*Add-On features available in select countries.

Pricing for ECE Providers

We offer flexible pricing options based on your use case and requirements.  Talk to us today. We would be keen to understand your specific situation and offer a meaningful partnership and commercial package.