Q. Can you explain what Bablr is?

Bablr is a learning system for 0-3 years. Parents can use it in the comfort of their homes to create the right development environment for their little ones. Bablr design focuses on important drivers of early years development such as rich language environment, positive care and diverse sensory experiences. Bablr Programme design is flexible and accommodates all life situations. It is very easy to start and sustain.      You can sign up online for free and enroll your baby any time before their 3rd birthday and they can continue till graduation or 4th birthday, whichever is earlier. You then download the mobile and tablet apps and start the programme. The Bablr algorithm will present to you 7 to 10 activities every day, based on the age and the progress of your baby. It will also provide you content and smart tools which you can use to conduct these activities. Once you upgrade to Premium, you get access to many more features and full content. We also offer Premium Plus and Premium Con 

Q. How many languages are offered by Bablr? 

Bablr currently offers English as the primary learning language for children. We offer two different variants of English which are English (United Kingdom) and English (United States) on the platform in your country. We currently do not offer any additional learning languages in your country. But, we are working to expand our offering to include more learning languages.  

Bablr digital platform interface is also in English (United Kingdom).  

Q. Are Bablr materials safe for babies? Have you taken any quality certification?

All Bablr Materials are certified for safety and quality standards accepted in the markets or countries to which they are shipped. 

Q. How is Bablr different from baby development or parenting apps or activity boxes which are available from various companies on online shopping sites?

Bablr is neither a parenting or early development support app or activity boxes subscription. Bablr is a long term programme benchmarked against the most reputed global early years frameworks such as EYFS of the UK. It has a flexible approach to suit to all life situations.

Unlike Baby Development Apps which only provide how-to videos for activities, Bablr aims to provide an all-in-one solution to parents. Over and above activity instructions, it also includes learning materials such as Story Books, Show & Play Cards and Rhymes (lyrics + music) etc. It also comes with very detailed content for parents such as Conversations & Tours Guides. In some markets, we also provide material boxes with sensory play materials as part of the programme.

Bablr TTC Method thoughtfully weaves the drivers of early years development such as play based learning, rich language environment and an atmosphere of care, into your day-to-day interactions with your baby. Bablr sessions are scheduled and published by a proprietary algorithm based on the age and progress of the baby.

All in all, Bablr takes a planned and structured approach to early development as opposed to sporadic activities. It is perhaps the most comprehensive 0-3 programme in the world.

Q. What kind of development needs does Bablr address?

Bablr covers 6 dimensions of early development. These are:

  • Linguistic Skills
  • Knowledge of the World
  • Maths and Reasoning
  • Appreciation of Music & Arts
  • Sensory, Social and Emotional Development
  • General Development

Q. Can I get a trial before I decide to purchase?

You can sign up to Bablr for free and start using our Bablr Basic Plan. This Free forever programme allows you to add your baby and register multiple caregivers. The Bablr algorithm will present to you 7 to 10 activities every day, based on the age and the progress of your baby. It will also provide you access to free content and smart tools which you can use to conduct these activities. However, you will only get access to limited content.

Once you upgrade to Bablr premium plans, you get access to the entire programme with full content and many more features.  

Q. What are the Payment options?

You can subscribe to Bablr Premium Plan via in-app purchases on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These platforms offer a wide range of payment options depending on the country you are based in.

For purchases made on Bablr Website (wherever available), we partner with reputed and secure third-party payment gateways which offer wide variety of popular payment options which are displayed in the footer of this website.

Q. Do I need to buy individual/separate plans for each of my twins/triplets/quadruplets?

Yes. A Bablr Plan is meant for one baby. The algorithm personalizes the activities for each baby everyday based on the age and progress. If you want to allow each baby to traverse their own path, you will have to buy separate plans. 

Q. How do I skip a month?

When you take a break, the algorithm will provide for the gap like a caring teacher and continue the programme in the most suitable way. If you are on a monthly subscription plan you can cancel your premium access for the period of your break and resume access when you want to start using Bablr again. If you are using annual subscription plan, you will not be able to pause your plan although the algorithm will provide for this break while scheduling the activities when you come back. However, we do support customers under special circumstances. Please contact customer support with your request.

Q. How do I upgrade from Premium to a higher tier plans like Premium Connect or Premium Plus? 

Generally speaking there are two ways to move to a higher tier of plan. You buy an “Add-On”  or an “Upgrade”. All available Add-Ons and Upgrade options are listed on the “Buy a Programme” page of Bablr WebApp.

Q. Can I register my yet to be born baby in the Bablr Programme?

Yes, you can register an unborn baby and start accessing the App which also has useful parenting content. The algorithm will start publishing sessions for the baby only when you enter the date of birth.

If you are upgrading to a premium plan on the App Stores, we recommend that you do so only after you have entered the date of birth of your baby. This way you will not be charged for the pre-birth period. 

If you are upgrading to a premium plan on the Bablr WebApp, you can do so anytime because Bablr WebApp activates your premium plan only when you enter the date of birth irrespective of your date of purchase.  

Q. Can I gift Bablr to a friend? Do you offer gift wrapping to your material box? 

An automated gifting feature is not available on the Bablr platform right now. We are working on making it available soon.  

Q. Do you have a referral program?

An automated referral feature is not available on the Bablr platform right now. We are working on making it available soon.  

Q. Do you have a affiliate program? 

Yes, we do have a Bablr Product Ambassador Programme. Please contact us here

Q. Why do I see only 1 session in a day though I have scheduled 2 or 3 sessions for my baby?

Since gradual build up works better with babies, the algorithm doesn’t publish multiple sessions until the baby is 10 weeks old. You will see exactly the number of sessions you have opted for in your routine, as soon as your baby is 10 weeks old.

Q. Can I run the same Activity multiple times in a day without marking it as complete?

You can do any activity any number of times as long as your baby and you are enjoying it. Marking it complete is more for the algorithm so that it knows that you are making progress. You can also save an activity in favourites if you would like to do in the future outside your algorithm routine.

Q. Why do I see the same type of Activity in every session in Daily Routine?

Repetitions are very important in all early learning methods. We need to expose babies to things a few numbers of times before they connect the dots. So do not worry, it is all part of the plan. Please keep doing the activities as long as your baby and you are enjoying it. In extreme cases, you may look at custom options and go faster.

Q. Why do I see same type of Show and Play in more than 1 session in a day/from last couple of days?

Repetitions are very important in all early learning methods. We need to expose babies to things a few numbers of times before they connect the dots. So do not worry, it is all part of the plan. Please keep doing the activities as long as your baby and you are enjoying it. In extreme cases, you may look at custom options and go faster.

Q. In Conversations and Experience Tours activities, why does it take me from last cue card to 1st card again, instead of allowing me to directly mark this Activity as Complete?

The Cue Cards are provided as a “by the way” help. You may or may not use them or you may use them in the sequence you desire. Hence, we do not link them to the completion of the activity. Please carry out these activities in your style with lots of flexibility and mark as complete when you are done.

Q. Why is the Tutorial Video buffering?/Why do the images take so long to load in apps and on the website?

Such instances are very rare. If you face this, we request you to check internet connectivity and/or Refresh the page and/or log out & login again. If the problem persists, you can try the following common solutions:

  • Clear history, cache and cookies in your browser
  • Try an alternative browser or try to use Incognito mode/similar in your browser
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall if the problem is in the mobile apps. 
If none of the above work, please contact Bablr Customer Support.

Q. Why is my Story Time activity showing incomplete though my baby and I have already read 1 full book from Story Time?

Marking of Complete and / or Incomplete is for the entire activity. Storytime activity will get marked as Complete only when all the books in the routine are read and/or marked as read.

Q. Can I customise the activities for my baby?

You can customise some Bablr activities. It is explained in the Tutorial videos and Custom button wherever applicable has been provided in the bottom bar of the Activity Home Pages.

Q. Why does book size in Storytime not adjust as per the screen size? / Why do I have to go to Top to close the book?

Some of the books that we provide in the Storytime activity are Epub and some are Pdf. Both formats have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pdfs are slightly easier to scroll and navigate but they do not adjust to the screen.

Q. Why does the entire Activity get saved as Favourite though I want to save a single item, for example a single book?

Right now, the entire activity gets marked as favourite. We do not have the option to save an individual content item.

Q. How many Activities can I save as Favourites?

You can save up to 10 activities as Favourites. If you wish to mark 11th activity as Favourites, you may remove any of the earlier Favourites marked activity, subsequently add one more Activity to Favourites.

Q. If I mark an Activity as Favourites, how long will it remain in my Favourites list?

If an Activity is marked Favourites, the same will remain in the Favourites list till the validity of the Plan.

Q. Can I run Favourites Activity again, without it being in my Today’s scheduled session?

Yes. Activities marked as Favourites can be run without it being in Today’s Scheduled Session.

Q. What should I do if I want to use Bablr on my break day? 

Bablr offers a Weekend Revision feature that you can use on your break days. You can also use Activities saved in your Favourites. 

Q. Why are the Conversation Topics already completed by me still visible to choose in my next day’s Conversation activity?

The Topics are to be repeated more than once and hence they keep showing till it is enough number of times based on the methodology.

Q. Why do we have to give Feedback after every activity? Can you not remove this feature?

Feedback after every activity is mandatory as it will enable Bablr algorithm to provide the next series of activities. This feature cannot be removed for any specific User.

Q. At what age can I enrol my baby for Bablr Learning?

You can enroll your baby any time before their 3rd birthday and they can continue till graduation or 4th birthday, whichever is earlier.   

For babies who join at birth, the Bablr Programme starts right at birth and runs upto 3 years. For babies who are enrolled later, the algorithm recalibrates and personalizes the activities based on age and level of the joining baby. Such babies continue in the program till they graduate from the programme or their 4th birthday, whichever is earlier.

Q. Can I use Bablr Programme for my baby who has had a premature birth?

Yes. Bablr Programme can be used for premature babies too. Algorithm adjusts the activities for premature deliveries

Q. Why do I have to answer questions about what my baby can read, guess, recognise?

Your answering the above questions enables Bablr algorithm to adjust the curriculum for your baby.

Q. How many Babies can I add?

You can add up to 2 babies to your account.

Q. Can I update a routine for my Baby, without purchasing a Bablr plan?

Yes. Routine can be updated for your baby without purchasing a Bablr plan.

Q. Can I assign two different Bablr Plans to one baby?

You can assign an Add-On to your plan. However, you cannot assign two plans simultaneously. In case you do assign two main plans, the system will automatically apply the second plan to your baby once the current plan expires.

Q. How many Caregivers can I add?

You can add up to 4 additional caregivers other than you. So, in total each baby can have upto 5 caregivers.

Q. What is the type of Caregivers?

There are 2 types of Caregivers:

  1. Can make changes and play activities too
  2. Can only play activities but not make changes

Q. Will your representative visit us and give a “How to Use” demo, now that I have purchased the plan? Within how much time will they come? Will they come at my specified day and time?

If you enroll your baby into a Bablr Premium Plus Programme, we offer One-on-one Onboarding and Orientation. This is done virtually. You can book a convenient time slot for this session from within the Bablr App.

Q. Can I see activities other than Today’s activities?

Yes. You can view activities other than today’s in the “Prep” section. This will show you activities for last 3 days and for next 3 days, excluding the Non-Routine days.

Q. How many Addresses can I add?/Can I add multiple Addresses?

You can add 3 addresses. But the default address will be the shipping address only.

Q. I have purchased a 2/3 years plan. Now my shipping address has changed. Where will I receive the next Bablr Material boxes?

Bablr Material Box will be couriered to the latest/updated shipping address as on the date of shipping. You can update by editing Current Shipping Address to your latest shipping address.

Q. How do I understand the “Progress” section?

Progress Section has following parameters:

  • Activity Level which represents how active you are.
  • Activity Completion Score – % completion score of your set activities. The % completion score is visible for the given Day / Week / Month / Till Date and also shows the trend.
  • Activity Rank – Your rank amongst other parents at your Session Level and amongst all Parents using Bablr System.

In addition to Progress, Bablr also gives you access to Baby Development Milestones. These milestones are based on Guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – United States.

Q. Why do you ask me to Schedule the Sessions/Select Non-Routine Days, why don’t you schedule it as per my plan validity?

We ask you to Schedule the Sessions/Select Non-Routine Days as it has to be as per your convenience. The non-routine days are important as both you and your baby need some break. It is healthy.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for selecting Non-Routine Days/Number of Sessions in a day/Session Timing based on my baby’s age?

We recommend 3 sessions per day, but it is better to do one session per day regularly than to do three sessions per day not so regularly. Non Routine days can be based on your own convenience.

Q. Why should I have a Non-Routine Day/Two Non-Routine Days in a week?

The non-routine days are important as both you and your baby need a break from the daily routine. It is very healthy.

Q. Can I change the Session Timings/Number of Sessions anytime during my plan validity?

Yes. The Session Timings/Number of Sessions for your Baby can be changed anytime during the Validity of the Package.

Q. Can I have more sessions on weekdays and less sessions on weekends?/Can I have different number of sessions on different days? / Can I schedule the sessions at different times for different days?

Number of Sessions need to be same for all Routine days in a week. The system calendar doesn’t offer you the facility to keep different slots every day because it is better for the baby if you have a set routine. However, in extreme cases, it is better to do the session at any time (if you are not able to do at the scheduled time) than not do it at all.

Q. Can I change the Non-Routine Days anytime?

Yes. Non Routine days can be changed anytime during the validity of Bablr Package.

Q. Can I complete my baby’s sessions before or after the scheduled session time on the same day?

Yes. Your Baby’s sessions can be completed before or after the scheduled session time on the same day. However, we recommend that you follow your set session timings as far as possible.

Q. If I miss/do not complete my baby’s sessions as per the scheduled time of the day, will I be able to complete it on next day?

Do not worry if you miss a session. The algorithm will make adjustment for you. This is the best part of Bablr system. It personalizes things based on your situations. But yes, do not make it a habit to miss the sessions.

Q. What can be the earliest & latest time to schedule the Bablr sessions?

The earliest & latest time to schedule Bablr sessions is as per your baby’s and your daily routine. Each session is for 30 minutes.

Q. If I miss a day’s session/activity due to technical error at your end, will you refund for the day/days OR will you extend my plan validity?

In case of you missing a day’s session/activity due to technical error at our end, we will extend your Bablr Plan validity by the same number of days. However, please know that such instances are almost not there.

Q. Is it recommended to use Laptop/Tab/ Mobile for my baby?

The only time you need to use any digital screen with the baby is when you are conducting “Show and Tell” activities. For this we recommend a screen size above 10 inches only. So, one can use a big tablet, laptop or even a TV screen. You should never use mobile phones or any other small screens to show anything to the baby. Also, Bablr curriculum requires screen exposure of approx. 15 mins per day on an average for the baby. Till the baby is 2 years old, you should minimize screen time for the babies. For more detailed guidelines, you should also read our blogs on screen usage among children.

Q. How can I use my TV screen to conduct activities?

These days, it is very convenient to watch the content from your mobile/tablet/laptop on a TV screen. Some of the ways you can do the same are:

  • Connect your mobile/tablet/laptop to your TV using a HDMI Cable.
  • Connect your mobile/tablet to your TV using dongles with Amazon Firestick or Apple TV over your WiFi.
  • Connect your mobile/tablet to your SmartTV over your WiFi.
If you have trouble making this work, please contact Bablr Customer Support and we will be happy to assist.

Q. What is your Customer Care Number and Customer Care Email id?

You can access Bablr Customer Support details in the Customer Support page of the website or apps.

Q. Why is your Helpline number ringing?/Why is no one picking up my call/Why is your number continuously busy?

We attempt to answer every call with IVR and then connect everyone with our support staff within 5 minutes. But sometimes there may be exceptions because of unavoidable circumstances. Do send us an email on Customer Support id. We will revert within 48 hours.

Q. Why has my email to your customer care bounced?

Generally, it doesn’t happen so. You may want to try one of the following:

  • Check if the email has been sent from your id or is still in your outbox?
  • Try sending the email from a different email id but mention the registered email id and registered mobile number in your email.
  • Do not attach more than 10MB files.

If nothing else works, please call us on our helpline.

Q. Can I speak to some of your active Users for references/feedback?

We cannot share the contact details of any of our Active Users due to confidentiality and privacy reasons. Alternatively, we would request you to visit our website gobablr.com/en-gb or our social media pages.

Q. Do you have any Activity Studio, where I can visit along with my baby?

We do not have any activity Studio.

Q. What are the contents of Bablr Material Boxes?

Bablr Material Boxes come with specialized items for carrying out some of the activities in Bablr Programme. Many of these materials are specially designed by us but we also use some high impact materials from the Montessori and other successful early learning methods. Some Bablr activities require one or two items but some require tens of different items which are all included in the activity kits inside these material boxes.

It is important to understand that Bablr materials are not designed to be random or creative activity materials for the engagement of children or for keeping them away from mobile phones and TV etc. All Bablr materials are part of a scientific curriculum and a structured methodology which is driven by an algorithm in your Bablr system/apps. Based on the age and progress of your baby the app will recommend certain activities on daily basis which will include

  • Activities that use materials from Bablr Material Boxes
  • Activities that use your household materials
  • Activities that use digital content or show and tell
  • Activities that are just between you and the baby and may require no materials at all

All these activities are interlinked and they complement each other.

Q. When I buy a Bablr Plan  how many boxes do I receive?

Bablr material boxes are shipped once every 3 months or once every year depending on the plan you have chosen. These boxes are shipped at the beginning of the plan period.

Q. When will I get Material Box?

Your Bablr Material box will be delivered to you within 15 working days from the date of Invoice or date of baby assignment whichever is later.

Q. Can I begin my Bablr Programme even without the Bablr Material Box or do I have to wait for the box to arrive before I begin?

Your Bablr Programme starts right on the day you add a baby and assign a valid plan. It begins with various activities that do not require Bablr materials. Your box arrives in due course and Bablr algorithm assigns activities accordingly.

Q. Why have I not received the material/Why is there a delay in delivery of the material? Will it impact the routine I have set for my baby?

It is a very unusual scenario for anyone to not receive a Bablr Box within 15 working days of Programme start date. The delay may be due to some unavoidable situations. You can track the delivery status of the Bablr Material Box online or contact Bablr Helpline or e-mail us on Bablr Customer Support Email id.

There will be no impact on the routine set for your baby. Bablr algorithm provides for such situations and covers up for the delay in long run.

Q. What is the next step after receiving my Bablr Material Box?

The next step after receiving the box is to check the contents of the Bablr Material Box to make sure that you have received the box in proper condition. You can then update the receipt date on the Bablr App / Website. This input is important as Bablr algorithm personalizes the activities for your baby every day.

Q. How do I update the receipt status of the Bablr Material Box? I am unable to update the receipt date. What should I do?

The receipt date needs to be updated on the “account” page in the “Manage” tab of Bablr app and the website. In case you are unable to update the receipt status, kindly check your internet connectivity and/or Refresh the page or try updating after some time. If the problem persists, please contact Bablr Helpline.

Q. What do I do if I receive a fully/partially damaged Bablr Material Box?

In case of receipt of fully / partially damaged Bablr Material Box, we request you to e-mail individual photograph of each damaged material on Bablr Customer Support email id within 48 hours of receipt. Bablr customer support will then investigate the matter and find a way to help you seamlessly continue with your Bablr Programme.

Q. What do I do if I receive Bablr Material Box with contents missing/not matching as per the list of contents?

In case of receipt of Bablr Material Box with contents missing / not matching as per the list, please contact Bablr Helpline within 48 hours of receipt of your Bablr Material Box and we will assist you further.

Q. The courier guy had come to deliver my Bablr Material Box but there was no one at home to receive it? Will they deliver it once again?

The courier company will attempt delivery 3 times. Kindly connect with them to inform a mutual convenient time to receive Bablr Material Box at your home.