So that you don’t miss the precious 0 to 3 window of your little one.

“Every child is born a genius.” – Albert Einstein

Then why don’t we find enough geniuses around us? 

Genius potential aside, a large percentage of children in school struggle with basic language and maths skills^.  Experts believe that an important reason behind this gap is the lack of the right developmental inputs in the first three years of a child. Many parents miss this window because they are either not aware of or do not have access to the right method and tools. At best, they end up doing random activities with limited benefits. That’s why we created Bablr. Bablr is designed to empower new parents to make the most of this precious opportunity.

Bablr can be conveniently used by parents at home. It is a lot of fun for both parents and children. You can use it on your own, involve other family members or work with your childcare provider or nursery to collaborate with them on Bablr platform. Unlike traditional methods, Bablr puts the child at the centre and everyone follows their lead. 

The Bablr system makes the science of early childhood development work for all parents. Thousands of parents use similar methods to make their little ones school-ready, and more importantly, life-ready!

Watch the video to know more.

^Source NAEP Data for United States children, Key Stage – 1 Assessment UK and India Today Magazine report about Indian children.



How it works for parents and families

Start anytime in 0-3. Everything needed comes to your home.

1. Easy Sign Up

Baby below three? Sign Up^ on this website or on our Mobile and Tablet Apps. add your baby's details and you are in the programme!

2. Daily Sessions

Plan your daily sessions at the schedules that work for you. Bablr Algorithm bakes fresh activities every day based on your baby's age and progress.

3. Flexible Options

Continue with the free plan or upgrade. You can also opt for exciting add-ons. All the activities can be conducted at home, by parents.

4. Box Delivery

If you have opted for this add-on, a big box* full of exciting play materials arrives. The algorithm now includes materials-based activities in your daily sessions.

5. Bablr Handholding

All this while, our experts keep handholding you remotely. You may also attend a one-on-one Orientation Session*. You also get access to rich parenting content.

6. Progress Everyday

Bablr Algorithm plays the role of an expert at home. You achieve great outcomes by combining Bablr with your love & care. All we need is your little time every day.

*Add-on features available in select countries.

^A child can be registered in Bablr programme anytime before their third birthday and can continue till graduation or 4th birthday whichever is earlier.