Bablr Proprietary Algorithm for Focus on Each Child

World-class technology at your service!
You may be an early educator, childcare professional or a parent, it is certain that you are committed to help make the most of the 0-3 year brain development window of your children. But with so many disruptions around, it is difficult to fulfil this commitment. Parents and families don’t always have the time to research and organise a world of activities. Educators and childcare professionals find it hard to offer much needed personal attention to each child. All in all, consistency of the development environment and continuity of the developmental inputs is seldom achieved for most children. Sounds about right?
Enter the Bablr Algorithm – problem solved. This adaptive algorithm precisely knows what each child or cohort needs. It also captures feedback from all caregivers along the way to make sure that every day you are presented with freshly baked activities for your children. These activities are not only age-appropriate but are also a lot of fun for both you and the children. The algorithm is also very flexible. In case you require, it lets you set your own preferences and customise your activities.
Bablr algorithm facilitates creation of individual and cohort based learning journeys which all the caregivers access and contribute to.
You have to try it to appreciate what it all means. It’s a radical paradigm shift in the way you think about a child’s early education.