Internationally Benchmarked Flexible Curriculum

Bablr offers a flexible curriculum with best practices from recognised methodologies. A child can be enrolled anytime after birth and till their third birthday. Once enrolled they continue till graduation or 4th birthday whichever is earlier.

Bablr Programme has a flexible approach with a long term orientation. It is benchmarked against the most reputed global early years frameworks such as EYFS of the UK. Bablr Programme Design also draws inspiration from the research work of experts in leading institutions such as the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University^, University of Chicago^^, among others.

Bablr Talk-Tell-Curate (TTC) Method thoughtfully weaves the drivers of early years development such as play-based learning, rich language environment and an atmosphere of care, into the day-to-day interactions with the babies. It borrows the best practices from popular methods like Montessori and Kindergarten.

Early educators, childcare professionals, parenting coaches, parents or families who would like to use TTC Method and Tools can attend our Early Parenting Masterclasses. They are available for free on Bablr Apps.

Bablr Curriculum has 6 dimensions and includes 9 activity types which very well support the objective of facilitating positive interactions, a rich language environment, reassuring care and diverse sensory experiences.

Childcare providers and families today have many difficulties and disruptions. Bablr algorithm has been designed keeping these challenges in view. It helps keep the focus on each child.

^Serve & Return Framework promoted by Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

^^Thirty Million Words Gap Theory and TMW Center at the University of Chicago.

Six Dimensional Curriculum​

1. Linguistic Skills

2. Knowledge of the World

3. Maths and Reasoning

4. Appreciation of Music & Arts

5. Sensory Social & Emotional Development

6. General Development

for Meaningful Play


Show & Play

Bablr Show & Play activity uses a combination of Show, Tell & Play to expose children to language, general awareness, reasoning etc. Bablr Algorithm bakes a personalised deck of cards for each child or each cohort every day. It also ensures the appropriate sequencing and the right level of repetitions. This activity facilitates language-rich and positive interactions between the caregivers and the children.



Conversations are a simple yet powerful way to expose a child to many new ideas and words which have a dramatic effect on their intelligence. Conversations also help caregivers develop a deeper bond with children.  Bablr System helps caregivers, educators and families by providing great content and cool tools for this activity. Daily topics are decided by the algorithm based on the age and progress of each child or cohort.

Story Time

Children love stories. Stories don’t just fuel imagination and creativity, they also help create a strong bond between the caregiver and the child. Bablr Programme includes hundreds of storybooks that caregivers read to or read with children. The best part is that caregivers, educators or families need not worry about research or planning. Bablr algorithm provides a new book set every week based on the age and progress of the baby.

Experience Activities

Hundreds of experiences shape a child’s intelligence in the long run. Some of them only come with time but others can be facilitated by families, caregivers and educators. Based on a child’s age and progress, the Bablr algorithm facilitates such experiences every now and then. Parents use household materials to create these experiences. Childcare centers use their own materials. Bablr apps provide Quick Guides and Help Cards for these activities.

Experience Activities with Bablr Materials

Based on a child’s or cohort’s age and progress, the Bablr algorithm facilitates several more experiences using materials from the Bablr Material Box. Caregivers or educators can refer to the detailed Activity Guides that come within the Bablr Box to know how best to bring alive these experiences. These experiences involve sensory play, music, arts, critical and creative thinking. 

Experience Tours

Showing things live is an excellent way to support a child’s language development. Bablr Experience Tours are designed based on the same principle. While the algorithm recommends age-appropriate tour topics every now and then, apps provide cool tools such as guides and help cards to make them happen. A deeper bond with the child is an absolute bonus.

Book Reading

Many children in the Bablr programme pick up reading in their third year and then is the perfect time to offer them the joy of reading a book on their own. For this, Bablr Programme includes tens of specially designed books, that carry picture stories making use of the words, word pairs or sentences that these children may have already learned to read through other activities. Building a reading habit and capability at this age gives a lifelong leg up to these little children.

Music & Rhymes

Music supports all-around early development including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Bablr Music & Rhymes activities include a recommended piece for the day that can be played for each child or cohort and also a Music Library with different genres of music such as Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Classical & Instrumental, Karaoke Rhymes and Happy Kids. All in all, you get lots of exciting content for musical play.

Application Exercises

An Application Exercise is where it all comes together. Each of Bablr Application Exercises is specially designed and builds on whatever children learn through all other activities. These exercises make use of activity sets from the Bablr Material Boxes. So when the time is right, the algorithm presents an exercise and the children or cohorts get an opportunity to apply whatever they have learnt so far. All the exercise sets come with detailed visual guides and apps supported with cool tools.