Bablr Shipping Policy

Updated 1st Jan 2022

With an intent to service our valued customers to the best of our ability and with an objective to make an On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery to Bablr Product Users, we have an operating procedure for shipping of Bablr Materials.

This note reflects our current operating procedure for shipping Bablr materials. Please note that it may change without notice.


  • After a customer has bought a Bablr Package that includes physical materials, we target to ship the materials within 5 working-days of package activation which means that the materials may be shipped anytime within 5 working days after the payment is made, an invoice is generated, and the package is assigned to a baby registered in the system with date of birth provided. In rare cases, the shipment may be delayed for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • In some locations and with the purchase of some of our plans, we offer free first-time shipping of Bablr Material Boxes. For others, there may be a shipping charge involved that customers may have to pay extra. In case, where a shipping charge is involved, the customers will be notified about the same before making the purchase.
  • All our materials go through multiple rounds of inspections to ensure that they are of the appropriate quality and are shipped to the right users and in the right quantity and combinations.
  • We ship the materials in sturdy packaging and secure them from inside and outside using industry best practices.
  • In some international locations, we partner with third parties to supply the material boxes which in some cases may be sold under their brand name. In all such cases, we work with our partners to ensure that such materials are very much aligned to the Bablr Programme. If applicable, customers are informed about such options before making a purchase.


  • Bablr Material Boxes are shipped via reputed shipping partners.
  • Each country location may take different time to deliver. Please check the Expected Delivery Date for your country before making a purchase.
  • As per Bablr methodology, the Bablr Product Users are expected to start their Bablr activities using digital content and need not wait for Bablr Material Boxes to arrive. However, as part of our On-Time-In-Full commitment to our users, if the delivery of materials boxes is delayed by more than 15 Calendar Days from the Expected Delivery Date, we extend the expiry date of the Bablr Package at no cost to the users. The duration of such extension is equal to the duration of the delay beyond 15 Calendar Days from the Expected Delivery Date.
  • Once a Bablr Material Box is dispatched, Bablr Product Users are notified on their Bablr Apps. They can also track the movement of the box on the website of relevant shipping partner.
  • It is the responsibility of the Product User to be available for the receipt of the Bablr Material Box at the Shipping Address provided at the time of Purchase.
  • In case, the delivery partner is unable to reach the customer at the provided address or in case of unavailability of customer at the time of delivery time, they will contact the customer to complete the delivery process.
  • Bablr is not responsible for the damages/shortages of the material, in case the Product User has not physically received the Material Box and has arranged for shipment drop facility with our delivery partner.


  • Bablr offers free first-time shipping of Bablr Material Box in some countries. For all other countries, shipping charges are calculated based on the Material Boxes being shipped. These shipping charges are communicated clearly at the time of purchase.
  • In some locations customers may have to pay an import duty or customs duty or any other similar charges as decided by the local authorities. Such charges may not be included in the Shipping Charges shown by us. In most cases, when the local authorities levy such charges, there may be additional handling fee charged by the Courier Company if they are required to pay the charges on customer’s behalf. Customers are solely responsible for all such charges.
  • Unless specified otherwise, all shipping costs are charged by us at the time of purchase. In case, the delivery partner or any of its representatives’ requests/demands for shipping costs and/or handling charges, the Product User must reject these requests/demands and notify such instance to Bablr Customer Support.
  • We follow completely cashless policy. We do not offer any Cash on Delivery service. Bablr is not liable to refund any payments made by Bablr Product User or anybody else to any person or organization representing or claiming to represent Bablr except for the payments made at the time of purchase on our website


  • Although our delivery partners support delivery across locations, there may be some rare occasions, a location is not serviceable. If such a case, our Customer Support will call the customer and explore the possibility of delivering to an alternative location. If an alternative location or arrangement is not feasible, we will refund the full amount.


Sometimes, packages may be returned to us as they are undeliverable.

A package may be undeliverable if:

  • Delivery is refused by the recipient
  • The address given is incorrect. Customers are advised to always check address before placing an order
  • Nobody is available to accept the delivery after multiple attempts

In case of an undelivered package or damage in transit, this Shipping Policy and our Cancellation, Return, Replacement and Refund Policy will apply.